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247 Baseball Team Names

Struggling to come up with a decent baseball team name? This list of 247 should give you some ideas

Creating baseball team names is a grand slam opportunity to blend creativity, sportiness, and team spirit. Whether you’re looking for a name that’s competitive, humorous, or downright unique, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve broken this list of 247 baseball team names down into popular categories. If you know the style of name you’re after, use these links to jump to the relevant category on this page:

Best Baseball Team Names

For teams aiming to capture the essence of skill and sportsmanship on the field, these names are designed to reflect prowess and a winning spirit.

  • Diamond Dominators
  • Grand Slam Guardians
  • Base Invaders
  • Strikeout Kings
  • Home Run Heroes
  • Pitch Perfect
  • Fastball Phantoms
  • The Glove Gods
  • Curveball Crusaders
  • Mighty Mitts
  • Bat Swing Bandits
    You could use this for a softball team name too
  • Field of Dreams
  • Power Pitchers
  • The Dugout Dynamos
  • Cleat Crusaders
  • The Bullpen Brigade
  • Slider Specialists
  • The Bunt Masters
  • Triple Play Titans
  • Catcher’s Clique
  • Run Batters Run
  • Infield Aces
  • Outfield Odyssey
  • The Sultans of Swing
  • Baserun Bandits

Funny Baseball Team Names

A twist of humor can make any game more enjoyable. These team names are for those who like to keep the dugout laughing.

  • The Mound Mischief
  • Bat Flippers Anonymous
  • Swing and a Miss
  • The Foul Balls
  • Base-ic Instincts
  • Glove Love
  • Pitch Slapped
  • Balk Bottom
  • Strikeout Snickers
  • The Umpire Strikes Back
  • Hit Happens
  • Error Prone
  • The Wandering Bunters
  • Dinger Dingbats
  • The Benchwarmers
  • No Glove, No Love
  • The Catching Fire
  • Balk Stars
  • Homerun Humorists
  • The Knuckleball Knuckleheads
  • Dugout Dummies
  • Runs & Goses
  • The Silly Sluggers
  • Swingin’ Seniors
  • Bases Not Loaded

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Unique Baseball Team Names

For those seeking to stand out with a name as distinctive as their gameplay, these suggestions promise originality and flair.

  • The Cosmic Batters
    A pretty good name for a cricket team too!
  • Shadow Fielders
  • Quantum Quicks
  • Neon Nighthawks
  • Eclipse Ballers
  • Galactic Gamers
  • The Diamond Phantoms
  • Mystic Mitts
  • The Aurora Sliders
  • Stardust Strikers
  • The Vortex Batters
  • Lunar Legends
  • Solar Swingsters
  • The Comet Catchers
  • The Meteor Mitts
  • Thunder Throwers
  • The Infinity Infield
  • Orbital Outfielders
  • The Supernova Sluggers
  • The Asteroid Aces
  • The Galactic Gloves
  • The Eclipse Pitchers
  • Starfield Slingers
  • The Nebula Nine
  • The Orbiting Outlaws

Historical Baseball Team Names

Drawing inspiration from the legends and milestones of baseball history, these names are perfect for teams that honor the past while playing for the future.

  • Vintage Victors
  • The 1908 Legends
  • Old School Sluggers
  • Antique Aces
    If your pickleball team is good, then use this!
  • Classic Cleats
  • Retro Runners
  • Heritage Hitters
  • Timeless Titans
  • Decade Dynamos
  • Era Elites
  • Pastime Pioneers
  • Legacy Leaguers
  • The Great Bambinos
  • Historical Homers
  • The Ty Cobbs
  • Dynasty Diamonds
  • The Ruthian Runners
  • Epochal Players
  • The Old Timers
  • Century Sliders
  • Legends of the League
  • Hall of Fame Heroes
  • The Mighty Mick(eys)
  • Cooperstown Candidates
  • The Nostalgic Nine

Movie-Inspired Baseball Team Names

Celebrating the intersection of cinema and baseball, these names are for teams inspired by their favorite baseball movies and the unforgettable characters within them.

  • The Sandlot Sluggers
  • Field of Dreams
    We love this for kickball too!
  • The Bad News Bats
  • Major League Mavericks
  • Angels in the Outfield
  • The Benchwarmers
  • Bull Durham Bats
  • The Rookie Runners
  • A League of Their Own
  • The Natural Nighthawks
  • Moneyball Managers
  • The 42 Legends
  • Eight Men Out
  • The Pride of the Yankees
  • Hardball Homers
  • The Big League Brews
  • Fever Pitch Fans
  • The Cobb Crushers
  • The Perfect Game Pitchers
  • For Love of the Game
  • The Durham Bulls
  • The Winning Team
  • The Sugar Kings
  • The Baseball Bunch
  • The Brewster Roosters

All 25 of these would work great for a fantasy baseball team name too!

Animal-Inspired Baseball Team Names

Embodying the strength, agility, and spirit of the animal kingdom, these names are for teams looking to unleash their inner beasts on the field.

  • The Thundering Tigers
  • Mighty Mustangs
  • The Soaring Eagles
  • The Cunning Foxes
  • Wild Wolves
  • The Charging Bulls
  • The Stealthy Sharks
  • The Roaring Lions
  • The Sprinting Cheetahs
  • The Brawny Bears
  • The Agile Antelopes
  • The Dashing Dolphins
  • The Prancing Ponies
  • The Fiery Falcons
  • The Raging Rhinos
  • The Serene Swans
  • The Brave Buffalos
  • The Majestic Moose
  • The Clever Coyotes
  • The Fierce Falcons
  • The Prowling Panthers
  • The Swift Stallions
  • The Venomous Vipers
  • The Imperial Eagles
  • The Courageous Cougars

City Baseball Team Names

Capturing the essence of urban life and the distinctive characteristics of their hometowns, these names are perfect for teams proud of their city roots.

  • The Metro Mavericks
  • Urban Umpires
  • Skyline Sluggers
  • The Concrete Catchers
  • Downtown Diamonds
  • The Boulevard Batters
  • Cityscape Cyclones
  • The Neon Nighthawks
  • The Capital Crushers
  • The Streetwise Strikers
  • Urban Legends
  • The Metropolitan Mitts
  • The Highrise Homers
  • The City Circuit
  • The Towering Titans
  • The Urban Outfitters
  • The District Diamonds
  • The Gritty Guardians
  • The Skywalk Sliders
  • The Civic Center Sluggers
  • The Borough Bashers
  • The Bridge Bounders
  • The Asphalt Aces
  • The Urban Explorers
  • The City Lights

Comic-Inspired Baseball Team Names

For fans of superheroes and the vivid world of comics, these names blend the excitement of baseball with the fantasy of comic books.

  • The Caped Crusaders
  • The Marvel Mavericks
  • The Dynamic Dodgers
  • The Super Sluggers
  • The Vigilante Vipers
  • The Cosmic Catchers
  • The Heroic Homers
  • The Villainous Victors
  • The Graphic Gamers
  • The Panel Pitchers
  • The Inked Invincibles
  • The Mighty Inkers
  • The Action Aces
  • The Fantasy Fielders
  • The Comic Strip Sliders
  • The Pow Hitters
  • The Splash Page Sprinters
  • The Legend League
  • The Animated Athletes
  • The Graphic Novel Gurus
  • The Daring Defenders
  • The Panel Power Players
  • The Superhero Squad
  • The Villain Vanquishers
  • The Masked Mitts

Fantasy World Baseball Team Names

Blending the realms of fantasy with the love of baseball, these names are perfect for teams who enjoy a touch of magic and mythology with their sports.

  • The Enchanted Bats
  • The Mystic Mavericks
  • The Dragon Slayers
  • The Wizarding Wonders
  • The Goblin Gloves
  • The Phoenix Pitchers
  • The Spellbound Sluggers
  • The Paladin Pitchers
  • The Sorcerer’s Swingers
  • The Fantasy Flyers
  • The Magic Mitts
  • The Elven Eagles
  • The Dwarf Dingers
  • The Ogre Outfielders
  • The Fairy Fielders
  • The Mermaid Mariners
  • The Unicorn Umpires
  • The Lycan Legends
  • The Griffon Guards
  • The Vampire Batters
  • The Necromancer Nine
  • The Elemental Elites
  • The Troll Trackers
  • The Arcane Aces
  • The Mystic Merlins

Mythical Baseball Team Names

For those fascinated by mythology and legendary creatures, these names evoke the power and mystery of ancient tales.

  • The Olympus Olympians
  • The Minotaur Mashers
  • The Siren Sluggers
  • The Centaur Chargers
  • The Hydra Hitters
  • The Pegasus Pitchers
  • The Titan Tossers
  • The Griffin Gloves
  • The Valkyrie Victors
  • The Spartan Sliders
  • The Cyclops Crushers
  • The Phoenix Fireballs
  • The Gorgon Glovers
  • The Leviathan Leaguers
  • The Chimera Champs
  • The Apollo Aces
  • The Hercules Hitters
  • The Medusa Mavericks
  • The Poseidon Pitchers
  • The Artemis Arrows
  • The Zeus Zingers
  • The Athena Athletes

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