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181 Cricket Team Names

Don't want to be an embarrassment at your next cricket tournament? Use these names!

Crafting cricket team names involves blending the sport’s elegance, strategic depth, and rich history with the spirit and identity of your team. But, that’s not easy! Fortunately, we’ve put together this list of nearly 200 options for you.

Best Cricket Team Names

Elevate your team’s profile with names that resonate with the sport’s prestige and competitive nature. These are designed to reflect the skill, teamwork, and ambition of top-tier cricket teams.

  1. Boundary Blazers
  2. Wicket Warriors
  3. The Century Strikers
  4. The Pace Attackers
  5. Spin Masters
  6. The Run Chasers
  7. The Stump Smashers
  8. The Fast Bowlers
  9. The Swing Kings
  10. Crease Dominators
  11. The Duckworth-Lewis
  12. The Nightwatchmen
  13. The Opening Batsmen
  14. The Slog Sweepers
  15. The Fielding Force
  16. The Yorker Specialists
  17. The Catching Crusaders
  18. The Powerplay Pioneers
  19. The Boundary Riders
  20. The Innings Architects

Funny Cricket Team Names

Infuse your team’s identity with humor using these witty and pun-filled names that are sure to bring a smile to spectators and players alike.

  1. Howzat Hilarities
  2. The Bouncer Buffoons
  3. Silly Pointers
  4. The Leg Byes
  5. The Googly Giggles
  6. The Wicket Wonders
  7. The Stumped Stars
  8. The No Balls
  9. The Full Toss Funnies
  10. The Maiden Overachievers
  11. The Run Out Rebels
  12. The Fine Legs
  13. The Square Cut Squads
  14. The Gully Gang
  15. The Cover Drive Comedians
  16. The Midwicket Mavericks
  17. The Slip Silly
  18. The Duck Tales
  19. The Extra Covers
  20. The Off Spin Outlaws
    A decent name for a baseball team too!

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Unique Cricket Team Names

For teams looking to stand out with a distinctive identity, these names blend creativity, originality, and a deep love for the game.

  1. The Crease Crossers
  2. Swing Savants
  3. The Reverse Sweepers
  4. The Pace Puzzlers
  5. The Spin Wizards
  6. The Boundary Breakers
  7. The Seam Stitchers
  8. The Over Achievers
  9. The Wicket Weavers
  10. The Duck Dodgers
  11. The Glove Guardians
  12. The Pitch Patrollers
  13. The Innings Inventors
  14. The Match Mavericks
  15. The Sixer Cyclones
  16. The Crease Hoppers
  17. The Strike Rotators
  18. The Cricket Nomads
  19. The Boundary Bandits
  20. The Stump Scholars

Cricket Terminology Team Names

Delve into the rich vocabulary of cricket for team names that reflect a profound understanding and appreciation of the game’s technical aspects.

  1. The Bails Brigade
  2. The Chin Music Maestros
  3. The Doosra Dynamos
  4. The Leg Breakers
  5. The Off Cutters
  6. The Third Man Theorists
  7. The Silly Mid-Ons
  8. The Golden Ducks
  9. The Long Legs
  10. The Beamer Bandits
  11. The Front Foot Fighters
  12. The Back Foot Band
  13. The Googly Gurus
  14. The Carrom Ballers
  15. The Reverse Swingers
  16. The Quick Singles
  17. The Dead Balls
  18. The Half Volley Heroes
  19. The Arm Ballers
  20. The Maiden Marvels

Cricket Pun Team Names

Combine your love for cricket with a penchant for wordplay, crafting team names that are both clever and indicative of the fun side of the sport.

  1. Bat to the Future
  2. Stumped for Words
  3. The Bowl Movements
  4. Runs for Fun
  5. The Catchy Wickets
  6. The Sticky Wickets
  7. Pitch Perfect
  8. The Swing Thing
  9. Wicket Intentions
  10. Bowl You Over
  11. Hit for Six
  12. Maiden Over Matter
  13. The Fine Leg Finesse
  14. The Spin Cycle
  15. Caught Napping
  16. The Run Rate Rebels
  17. The Boundary Bullies
  18. The Pitches Be Crazy
  19. The Slog Overs
  20. The Block Holes

Inspirational Cricket Team Names

Empower and uplift your team with names that evoke a sense of ambition, unity, and perseverance. These names are meant to inspire players to give their best on and off the field.

  1. The Aspiring All-Rounders
  2. Victory Vanguard
  3. The Spirit Spinners
  4. The Boundary Believers
  5. The Champions Chase
  6. The Dream Deliverers
  7. The Elite Eagles
  8. The Fearless Fielders
  9. The Glorious Guards
  10. The Hopeful Hitters
  11. The Infinite Inners
  12. The Jubilant Juggernauts
  13. The Knightly Kings
  14. The Limitless Legends
  15. The Mighty Mavericks
  16. The Noble Navigators
  17. The Optimistic Openers
  18. The Phoenix Players
  19. The Quest Quenchers
  20. The Resilient Runners
  21. The Stellar Strikers
  22. The Triumph Troopers
  23. The Unstoppable Umpires
  24. The Valiant Victors
  25. The Warrior Wicketkeepers
  26. The Zenith Zephyrs
  27. The Apex Achievers

Historical Cricket Team Names

Connect with the rich traditions and legends of cricket with team names that pay homage to the game’s storied past and legendary players. These names are perfect for teams that admire the heritage of cricket.

  1. The Ancient Ashes
  2. The Bradman Battalion
  3. The Chappell Champions
  4. The Dravid Drifters
  5. The Eden Gardeners
  6. The Flintoff Fighters
  7. The Graceful Gladiators
  8. The Hadlee Heroes
  9. The Imran Invincibles
  10. The Jardine Jugglers
  11. The Kallis Knights
  12. The Lillee Lions
  13. The Murali Spinners
  14. The Noble Nehras
  15. The Old Trafford Titans
  16. The Ponting Pioneers
  17. The Queens Park Quicks
  18. The Richards Raiders
  19. The Sobers Savants
  20. The Tendulkar Titans
  21. The Underwood Undaunted
  22. The Vivian Victors
  23. The Warne Wizards
  24. The Xavier X-Factors
  25. The Yuvraj Yarners
  26. The Zaheer Zephyrs
  27. The Lords of Lords

Pop Culture Cricket Team Names

Merge the excitement of cricket with the allure of pop culture, crafting team names that are a hit with fans of movies, music, TV shows, and books, offering a playful twist on familiar themes.

  1. The Avengers of LBW
  2. Bat-Man Begins
  3. The Silly Points Break
  4. Game of Throws
  5. The Big Bats Theory
  6. The Sherlock Bowlers
  7. The Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fireballs
  8. The Star Wicket Wars
  9. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Kingpins
  10. The Twilight Boundaries
  11. The Hunger Games: Catching Fireballs
  12. The Walking Dead Balls
  13. Breaking Boundaries
  14. The Marvelous Mrs. Maiden
  15. Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. LBW
  16. The Matrix Reloads
  17. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Guard
  18. The Wolverine Wickets
  19. The Spider-Man Spinners
  20. The Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Delivery
  21. The Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
  22. The Jurassic Park Fielders
  23. The Mad Max: Fury Road Runners
  24. The Godfather: Part II (The Umpire Strikes Back)
  25. The Terminator: Judgment Day (The Final Over)
  26. The Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (The Invisible Batsman)
  27. The James Bond: Skyfall (The Sky-High Sixers)

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