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280 Curling Team Names

About to compete in your next curling event but need a decent name? Use these names!

Whether you’re in it for the competition, the camaraderie, or just for the love of the game, these curling team names are designed to capture the essence of curling and the unique bond it creates among team members.

Best Curling Team Names

For teams that aim to stand out not just for their skills but also for a name that embodies the spirit of competition and camaraderie, here are the top picks:

  1. Ice Gliders Elite
  2. The Stone Sweepers
  3. Sheet Masters
  4. Granite Gliders
  5. The Button Bulls
  6. End Strategists
  7. Sweep Dreams
  8. Rock Handlers
  9. The House Guards
  10. Curling Commanders
  11. Slide & Glide Squad
  12. Ice Nomads
  13. The Peeling Pros
  14. The Hammer Holders
  15. Stone Sentinels
  16. Sweep to Win
  17. Ice Track Titans
  18. The Hog Line Heroes
  19. Stone Setters
  20. Sheet Shufflers
  21. Broom Battalion
  22. The Draw Shot Dynamos
  23. Curling Conquerors
  24. The Ice Breathers
  25. Precision Sweepers
  26. The Freezing Four
  27. End Game Experts
  28. The Takeout Titans
  29. Ice Architects
  30. The Slide Masters
  31. Rock Whisperers
  32. The Brier Bound
  33. Sheet Slickers
  34. Glacial Gliders
  35. The Hack Attack
  36. Ice Engineers
  37. The Curling Crusaders

Funny Curling Team Names

Inject some humor into your team spirit with these amusing and witty curling team names, perfect for teams who love a good laugh along with their game:

  1. Sweeping Beauties
  2. The Stone Cold Foxes
  3. Rock ‘n’ Rollers
  4. Broom Zoom Boom
  5. Ice Ice Babies
  6. The Sliding Stones
  7. Hack Hack, Who’s There?
  8. The Sheet Faced
  9. Curl Up & Dye
  10. Sweep You Off Your Ice
  11. Stone Age Sweepers
  12. Freezer Burners
  13. Ice Wreckers
  14. The Frosty Sliders
  15. Slippery Rocks
  16. The Cool Curlers
  17. Swept Away
  18. The Icy Hotshots
  19. Rock Bottom
  20. The Broomsticks
  21. Icecapaders
  22. The Grit and Ice
  23. Sweepless in Seattle
  24. The Hacked Off
  25. Glacial Guffaws
  26. Pebbled Pathfinders
  27. Hack the Ice
  28. Curling Me Softly
  29. On the Rocks
  30. The Snow Sweepers
  31. Stone Throwers
  32. The Iced Lattes
  33. Frostbiters
  34. The Polar Sweepers
  35. Chilled to the Bone
  36. The Ice Breakers
  37. Slip ‘n Slide Champions

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Unique Curling Team Names

For those looking for a name that breaks the ice with its uniqueness, these selections are as distinct as a perfectly thrown stone:

  1. The End Innovators
  2. Glacial Strategists
  3. The Hog Line Mavericks
  4. Pebble Pilots
  5. Ice Oracles
  6. The Curling Enigmas
  7. Frosty Strategems
  8. The Stone Sages
  9. Sweep Symphony
  10. The Granite Mystics
  11. Ice Alchemists
  12. The Broom Wizards
  13. Sheet Whisperers
  14. The Arctic Architects
  15. Gliding Gurus
  16. The Sweep Sorcerers
  17. Rock Revolutionaries
  18. Ice Incantations
  19. The Pebbled Pathmakers
  20. Frost Frontiersmen
  21. The Stone Cyclones
  22. Glacial Guardians
    What a great name for a hockey team too!
  23. The Ice Innovators
  24. Curling Pioneers
  25. Sheet Savants
  26. The Frost Philosophers
  27. Stone Savvy Squad
  28. The Broom Brethren
  29. Ice Luminaries
  30. The Curling Codex
  31. Pebble Pioneers
  32. Frost Vanguard
  33. The Gliding Geniuses
  34. Sweep Savants
  35. The Ice Illusionists
  36. Glacial Geeks
  37. The Stone Schemers

Curling-Terminology Names

For teams that revel in the unique jargon of curling and want to showcase their knowledge and love for the sport:

  1. The Hacks Heroes
  2. The Button Bandits
  3. Sweeping Sliders
  4. Hog Line Holdouts
  5. Rock Release Rebels
  6. The Peeling Pioneers
  7. End Thinkers
  8. The Heavy Draw
  9. The In-Turn Insiders
  10. The Out-Turn Outlaws
  11. Guard Game Gurus
  12. The Biting Rocks
  13. Free Guard Freedom
  14. The Tee Line Titans
  15. Sheet Masters
  16. The Skip’s Command
  17. Vice Squad
  18. The Lead Legends
  19. Second’s Strike
  20. The House Heroes
  21. Draw Weight Dreamers
  22. The Takeout Talents
  23. The Hammer Heroes
  24. Blank End Bandits
  25. The Stone Savers
  26. Ice Meisters
  27. The Freeze Frame
  28. Double Takeout Titans
  29. The Mixed Doubles
  30. The Brushing Brigade
  31. The Curl Commanders
  32. Last Stone Standouts
  33. The Gripper Gang
  34. Sheet Sweepers
  35. Pebble Pushers
  36. The Weight Watchers
  37. The Frost Fighters

Pop Culture Inspired Names

Mixing the fun of curling with the vast world of pop culture, these names are perfect for teams who enjoy a good reference to their favorite movies, shows, or characters:

  1. Game of Stones
  2. The Rolling Stones
  3. Ice of Thrones
  4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Ice
  5. The Big Lebowski’s Ice
  6. Frozen Sweepers
  7. The Icemen Cometh
  8. Guardians of the Granite
  9. Rock Wars: The Ice Strikes Back
  10. The Curling Dead
  11. Stones and Recreation
  12. Breaking Broom
  13. Mad Men on Ice
  14. The Marvel-ous Sweepers
  15. The Frozone Crew
  16. Ice Trek: The Next Sweep
  17. The Simpson Sliders
  18. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Stone
  19. The Office Sweepstakes
  20. Star Trek: The Frozen Frontier
  21. The Stone Age (Flintstones)
  22. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of the Hack
  23. Jurassic Pebble
  24. The Wizard of Ice
  25. The Ice Matrix
  26. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Curl
  27. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Sheets
  28. The Fast and the Curious
  29. Avengers: Infinity Stone
  30. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Ice Sheet
  31. James Bond: Goldstone
  32. Mission: Impossible – Operation Sweep
  33. The Curler’s Guide to the Galaxy
  34. SpongeBob SquarePants: Ice Sweepers
  35. The Dark Stone Rises
  36. Frozen (but not the Disney version)
  37. Super Mario Bros: The Ice Level

Nature-Inspired Names

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, these names are perfect for teams who admire the beauty and power of nature:

  1. The Aurora Sweepers
  2. Glacier Gliders
  3. Frosty Foliage
  4. The Tundra Twirlers
  5. Iceberg Incurvers
  6. The Polar Pebblers
  7. Arctic Architects
  8. The Blizzard Brooms
  9. The Winter Whirlwinds
  10. Frostbite Fighters
  11. The Alpine Aces
  12. Snowdrift Sweepers
  13. The Frost Flurries
  14. The Mighty Avalanches
  15. The Ice Capades
  16. The Northern Lights
  17. The Summit Sweepers
  18. The Pinecone Curlers
  19. The Chill Chasers
  20. The Snowflake Sweepers
  21. The Iceberg Icons
  22. The Mountain Movers
  23. The Winter Wave Riders
  24. The Glacial Gliders
  25. The Frost Ferns
  26. The Cold Front Curlers
  27. The Polar Plungers
  28. The Ice Quake Crew
  29. The Snowstorm Strategists
  30. The Arctic Arrows
  31. The Crystal Ice
  32. The Winter Willow Wisp
  33. The Frost Phoenix
  34. The Snowy Owls
  35. The Ice Wolves
  36. The Glacial Griffins
  37. The Frost Giants

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Inspired Names

For the teams that cherish adventures in other worlds, these names are drawn from the realms of science fiction and fantasy:

  1. The Ice Planet Hoth
  2. The Mithril Sweepers
  3. The Vulcan Stone Masters
  4. The Galactic Gliders
  5. The Elven Ice Enchanters
  6. The Dwarven Stone Throwers
  7. The Phantom Sweepers
  8. The Quantum Curlers
  9. The Wizarding Sweepers
  10. The Starship Sweepers
  11. The Dragonstone Curlers
  12. The Space-Time Sweepers
  13. The Middle-Earth Movers
  14. The Galactic Granite
  15. The Time Travelers’ Curling Club
  16. The Ice Elves
  17. The Dwarf Tossers
  18. The Orbiting Oracles
  19. The Nebula Navigators
  20. The Mystic Ice Mages
  21. The Frost Fairies
  22. The Interstellar Ice
  23. The Fantasy Flyers
  24. The Supernova Sweepers
  25. The Cyber Curlers
  26. The Alien Ice Artisans
  27. The Dimensional Drifters
  28. The Magic Stone Society
  29. The Frost Dragons
  30. The Planetary Pebblers
  31. The Solar Sweepers
  32. The Ether Elementals
  33. The Cosmic Curlers
  34. The Golem Gliders
  35. The Shadow Sweepers
  36. The Astral Artisans
  37. The Leviathan Layers

Historical Figures Inspired Names

These names honor the legends of history, perfect for teams who wish to channel the spirit and tenacity of those who left their mark on the world:

  1. The Churchill Sweepers
  2. The Da Vinci’s Stones
  3. The Cleopatra’s Curlers
  4. The Genghis Granite
  5. The Napoleon’s Navigators
  6. The Einstein’s Elements
  7. The Joan of Arctic
  8. The Marco Polo Pebblers
  9. The Shakespearean Sweepers
  10. The Galileo Gliders
  11. The Amelia Earhart Aviators
  12. The Viking Voyagers
  13. The Spartans on Ice
  14. The Alexander the Greats
  15. The Franklin’s Flyers
  16. The Caesar Curlers
  17. The Magellan Mariners
  18. The Tesla Coils
  19. The Wright Brothers’ Winders
  20. The Tutankhamun Turners
  21. The Socrates Sweepers

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