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197 Drinking Team Names

Love a drink? Need a team name for your friends? Then use these drinking team names

Whether you’re assembling a squad for a pub crawl, participating in a beer pong tournament, or need a name for your bar trivia team, we’ve got a huge list of drinking team names for you to pick from

Best Drinking Team Names

Ideal for teams that carry their glasses with pride and are known for their prowess and spirit in the face of any drinking challenge.

  1. Ale Avengers
  2. Brews Brothers
  3. Chug Champions
  4. Draft Dodgers
  5. The Gulp Girls
  6. Hops Heroes
  7. Lager Legends
  8. Malt Mavericks
  9. Pint Pioneers
  10. Quench Questers
  11. Sip Savants
  12. Tankard Titans
  13. Uber Brewers
  14. Vodka Voyagers
  15. Whiskey Warriors
  16. The Xtra Shots
  17. Yeast Youngsters
  18. Zymurgy Zealots
  19. Barley Brawlers
  20. Cocktail Crusaders
  21. Spirits Squad
  22. Ferment Fighters
  23. Keg Kickers

Funny Drinking Team Names

For those who prefer their drinks with a side of humor and aren’t afraid to get a little cheeky.

  1. Liver Let Die
  2. Booze on First
  3. Tequila Mockingbird
  4. The Brewsual Suspects
  5. Gin and Bear It
  6. Ale’s Well That Ends Well
  7. Malt Disney
  8. The Pint-Sized Pirates
  9. Tipsy Turtles
  10. Bar Hoppers Anonymous
  11. Hangover Heroes
  12. Suds Buds
  13. Brew-haha
  14. The Brewmantics
  15. Sip Happens
  16. Brews Clues
  17. Ale Capone
  18. The Wineding Roads
  19. The Brew HaHas
  20. Hops to It
  21. Lager Than Life
  22. The BAC Pack
  23. The Drink Tank
  24. Gin It to Win It
  25. The Beerbarians
  26. Shots Fired
  27. The Pub-timists
  28. The Bottleneckers
  29. The Frothy Fools
  30. The Grog Goblins
  31. Buzzed Buddies
  32. The Ale Trailers
  33. The Keg Stand Comics
  34. The Buzzed Bees
  35. Hooch Hounds
  36. The Stumbling Scholars
  37. The Liquid Laughs
  38. The Tipsy Nomads
  39. Barstool Bandits
  40. The Half-Pint Humorists
  41. The Spirited Sillies
  42. The Cocktail Comedians
  43. The Lager Laughs
  44. The Whiskey Wisecrackers
  45. The Boozy Banterers
  46. The Pint-Sized Jokers
  47. The Ale-ing Authors
  48. The Chardonnay Chortlers
  49. The Giggly Guzzleers
  50. The Chug Rugs
  51. Designated Drinkers
  52. AlcoHoliChics
  53. The Beer Pressure
  54. Spirited Sprinters
  55. Last Call Legends
  56. Binge Brigade
  57. The Boozy Badgers
  58. The Sipsters
  59. Pour Decisions

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Unique Drinking Team Names

Stand out with a name that’s as distinctive as your team’s drinking style. Perfect for teams that love to leave an impression.

  1. The Quaff Quirks
  2. Brewed Awakening
  3. Hops Scotch
  4. Jigger Jaguars
  5. Quantum of Solace
  6. The Frothy Foragers
  7. Alechemy
  8. The Barley Moons
  9. Cask & Crew
  10. The Tipsy Gypsies
  11. Pilsner Pilgrims
  12. The Ale-ians
  13. Gulp and Graze
  14. Bubbly Bandits
  15. The Lagerheads
  16. Sip Syndicate
  17. Malt & Mindfulness
  18. The Brew Tang Clan
  19. High Spirits Squad
  20. The Fermenters
  21. Booze Bazaar
  22. Hazy Daze
  23. The Stout Scouts

Beer Pong Team Names

For those who excel in the art of landing a ping pong ball in a cup of beer, these names highlight your skill and aim.

  1. Pong Predators
  2. Bounce Brigade
  3. The Beer Ballers
  4. Cup Crushers
  5. Splash Masters
  6. Table Titans
  7. Rim Rebels
  8. The Dunk Drunks
  9. Ale Aimsters
  10. The Froth Flingers
  11. Pint Plungers
  12. Bounce Bosses
    Perfect for sober ping pong teams too!
  13. The Chalice Challengers
  14. Brew Bouncers
  15. Hops Hoopers
  16. Lager Launchers
  17. The Pong Pioneers
  18. Sip Snipers
  19. Tankard Tossers
  20. The Gulp Gamers
  21. Pong Party
  22. The Splash Squad
  23. Cup Commanders

Pub Quiz Team Names

For the intellectually thirsty, these names are a nod to your knowledge as much as your drinking prowess.

  1. Quizzy Rascals
  2. The Brainy Boozers
  3. Pint-Sized Geniuses
  4. The Ale-cademics
  5. Trivia Tipples
  6. The Brewed Brains
  7. The Lager Lecturers
  8. Sip Scholars
  9. The Quizzical Quaffers
  10. Facts and Flights
  11. The Groggy Geniuses
  12. The Tipsy Professors
  13. Ale Inquisitors
  14. The Stout Scholars
  15. The Pilsner Pundits
  16. Brewed Wisdom
  17. The Hoppy Thinkers
  18. The Trivial Tasters
  19. Quiz and Quench
  20. The Frothy Philosophers
  21. Brain Brews
  22. The Enlightened Drinkers
  23. The Socratic Sippers

Cocktail Connoisseur Team Names

For those with a taste for the refined and a flair for the sophisticated, these names celebrate your cocktail craft.

  1. The Martini Maestros
  2. The Cosmo Crew
  3. Spirits and Shakers
  4. The Mixology Masters
  5. The G&T Gang
  6. Highballers
  7. The Bitters Brigade
  8. Stirred Not Shaken
  9. The Rum Runners
  10. The Old Fashioned Order
  11. The Sazerac Squad
  12. The Mojito Mavens
  13. The Daiquiri Dudes
  14. The Margarita Minds
  15. The Aperitif Artists
  16. The Negroni Navigators
  17. The Boulevardiers
  18. The Fizz Fellows
  19. The Julep Jockeys
  20. The Paloma Pack
  21. The Sidecar Syndicate
  22. The Caipirinha Clan
  23. The Spritz Squad

Wine Lovers Team Names

For the teams who prefer grapes to grains and have a palate for the finer vines.

  1. The Grapeful Dead
  2. The Vin Vanguards
  3. The Wine Warriors
  4. The Cork Dorks
  5. Barrel Buddies
  6. The Sipper Club
  7. The Vineyard Vikings
  8. Chardonnay Champions
  9. The Merlot Mavericks
  10. The Bottle Bunch
  11. The Riesling Rebels
  12. The Cellar Dwellers
  13. The Tannin Titans
  14. The Zinfandel Zephyrs
  15. The Sauvignon Squad
  16. The Pinot Pioneers
  17. The Cabernet Commandos
  18. The Malbec Marauders
  19. The Shiraz Sharers
  20. The Bordeaux Brigade
  21. The Wine Whisperers
  22. The Ferment Friends
  23. The Sommelier Soldiers

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