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219 Fantasy Basketball Team Names

Need to come up for a team name for the year? Well look no further than this complete list

Creating fantasy basketball team names can turn the ordinary into something memorable and exciting. If you’re not sure what name to use then check out this list of over 200 fantasy basketball team names for ideas:

Best Fantasy Basketball Team Names

A great name sets the tone for your fantasy season. Here are the top picks that score high on creativity and connection to the basketball universe:

  1. Hoops I Did It Again
  2. Slam Dunk Dynamos
  3. Basket Brawlers
  4. Court Kings
  5. Swish Dreams
  6. Alley-Oop Aces
  7. Rim Rattlers
  8. Triple Threat Titans
  9. Dribble Dominators
  10. Pivot Prophets
  11. Fast Break Fanatics
  12. Jump Shot Giants
  13. Free Throw Frenzy
  14. Full-Court Pressers
  15. Ballin’ on a Budget
  16. Crossover Crusaders
  17. Rebound Raiders
  18. Downtown Shooters
  19. The High Flyers
  20. Layup Legends
  21. The Block Party
  22. Point Guard Pioneers
  23. Sideline Strategists
  24. The Three-Point Throne

Funny Fantasy Basketball Team Names

Inject some humor into your league with these laugh-out-loud team names that are sure to bring some smiles throughout the season:

  1. Shaqtin’ a Fool
  2. Ankle Breakers Anonymous
  3. Air Ballers
  4. The Traveling Men
  5. BasketBrawlers
  6. Serial Dunkers
  7. Foul Play
  8. Brick Layers Union
  9. The Bench Warmers
  10. Loose Balls
  11. Pick N’ Rollers
  12. Off the Glass Clowns
  13. Nothin’ But Netflix
  14. Three-Point Threats
  15. Jump Ball Jokers
  16. Technical Foul Mouths
  17. Dribbling Souls
  18. The Misfits of Midcourt
  19. Alley Oopsies
  20. Fast Break Fools
  21. Double Dribble Dudes
  22. The Flopping Fish
  23. Basket Cases

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Unique Fantasy Basketball Team Names

Stand out from the crowd with these unique team names that show off your creativity and passion for the game:

  1. Swish Kebabs
  2. Hoop There It Is
  3. Dunkin’ Dinos
  4. Sultans of Swat
  5. Baller Blockade
  6. Pivot Pirouettes
  7. Bounce Brigade
  8. The Hoopla Heroes
  9. Layup Luminaries
  10. The B-Ball Buccaneers
  11. Swishful Thinkers
  12. Dribble Diaries
  13. The Jumpshot Junkies
  14. Crossover Chronicles
  15. Free-Throw Philanthropists
  16. The Alley-Oop Atmosphere
  17. Backboard Breakers
  18. The Screen Setters
  19. Basketweave Brotherhood
  20. Half-Court Hawkeyes
  21. The Zone Defenders
  22. Layup Labyrinth

Basketball Player Inspired Fantasy Team Names

Incorporating the names of famous basketball players into your fantasy team name can add a personal touch and show off your knowledge of the game. Here are 40 creative puns based on basketball stars:

  1. LeBron’s Throne
  2. Curry Up and Shoot
  3. Harden the Paint
  4. Kawhi Me a River
  5. The Durantula Web
  6. Westbrook Windbreakers
  7. Kyrie’s Flat Earth
  8. The Greek Freaks
  9. Butler Did It
  10. Jokic’s Jokers
  11. Zion’s Lions
  12. Lillard’s Chillards
  13. Klaymation Nation
  14. The Brow’s Browsers
  15. Giannis Antetokounbros
  16. The Embiid Empire
  17. Simmons Says Rebound
  18. The Porzingis Puzzle
  19. Love’s Layups
  20. The Ball Brothers
  21. Booker’s Lookers
  22. The Davis Defense
  23. Mitchell’s Missiles
  24. Kemba’s Krew
  25. The Tatum Totem
  26. Oladipo’s Orchestra
  27. Gobert’s Giants
  28. Beal’s Deal
  29. The Aldridge Alliance
  30. DeRozan’s Roses
  31. Griffin’s Gryphons
  32. Towns’ Talents
  33. Fultz’s Faults
  34. The Ayton Nation
  35. Ingram’s Wingspan
  36. Bam’s Block Party
  37. Fox’s Fastbreaks
  38. The Sexton Sextet
  39. Morant’s Mountaineers
  40. The Siakam Spectrum

Basketball Team Inspired Fantasy Team Names

Team names inspired by actual NBA teams can be a fun way to pay homage while adding a playful twist. Here are 40 team name puns that basketball fans will appreciate:

  1. Miami Heatwave
  2. Golden State Worriers
  3. Los Angeles Fakers
  4. Boston SellTicks
  5. Brooklyn Nyets
  6. Chicago Bullseye
  7. Phoenix Sooners
  8. Philadelphia Seventy-Sixths
  9. Utah Jazzy
  10. Dallas MavRicks
  11. Toronto Raptures
  12. Los Angeles Clutchers
  13. New York Knickerbockers
  14. Denver Nuggies
  15. Milwaukee Buckets
  16. Indiana Pavers
  17. Sacramento Queening
  18. Houston Rockettes
  19. Cleveland Cavailers
  20. Atlanta Hawk-Eyes
  21. Memphis Grind
  22. New Orleans Pelicants
  23. Oklahoma City Blunder
  24. Orlando Tragic
  25. San Antonio Spires
  26. Detroit Pistoffs
  27. Washington Mystics (for a cross-sport pun!)
  28. Charlotte’s Web
  29. Minnesota TimeWolves
  30. Portland Trail Blazers
  31. The Splash Relatives
  32. The Cavalier Attitude
  33. The Wizardry of Oz
  34. Netscape Navigators
  35. Pacers’ Pace Makers
  36. The Grizzly Bears
  37. Sunsational
  38. The Hawk Walk
  39. The King’s Men (Sacramento Kings)
  40. The Clipper Ships

Inspirational Fantasy Basketball Team Names

For those who love a dose of motivation with their team name, these inspirational choices are perfect for setting a positive tone:

  1. Dream Dunkers
  2. Victory Vanguards
  3. Aspire Athletes
  4. The Empowerment Elites
  5. Pinnacle Players
  6. Summit Seekers
  7. Triumph Titans
  8. Resolve Riders
  9. Ambition Alley-Oopers
  10. The Determined Dribblers
  11. Goal Getters
  12. The Willpower Warriors
  13. Achieve Aces
  14. The Visionary Victors
  15. Purposeful Players
  16. The Motivation Mavericks
  17. Ascent Athletes
  18. Peak Performers
  19. The Courageous Cagers
  20. Spirit Squad

Pop Culture Fantasy Basketball Team Names

Mix your love for basketball with your favorite movies, TV shows, or music for a pop culture-infused team name:

  1. Game of Zones
  2. Dunkirk Directors
  3. The Fresh Princes of Air Ball
  4. Hoop Dreams Harrys
  5. Space Jam Squad
  6. The Walking Dribblers
  7. Breaking Basketballs
  8. The Office Ballers
  9. Stranger Dunks
  10. Lord of the Rims
  11. Jurassic Dunk
  12. Dunk and Morty
  13. The Mandalorian Dribblers
  14. Harry Potter and the Half-Court Prince
  15. Star Wars: The Last Jumper
  16. Avengers: Infinity War on Court
  17. The Big Bang Baskets
  18. Friends with Benefits
  19. The Simpson Shooters
  20. Brooklyn Nine-Nine-Point Lead

Historical Figures Fantasy Basketball Team Names

Channel the spirit of historical figures into your team name for a blend of education and entertainment:

  1. The Einstein Dribble Theory
  2. Dunkin’ Darwins
  3. Newton’s Law of Motion Offense
  4. The Galileo Galileis
  5. Shakespeare’s Shooters
  6. Da Vinci’s Dunkers
  7. The Socratic Method of Defense
  8. Aristotle’s Athletes
  9. The Franklin Fast Breaks
  10. The Wright Brothers’ Flight School

Mythological Fantasy Basketball Team Names

For a touch of the epic and the timeless, these names draw on mythology to bring a legendary element to your team:

  1. Olympus Dunkers
  2. The Poseidon Power-Forwards
  3. Athena’s Assistants
  4. Zeus’s Zonal Defenders
  5. The Hades Hoopsters
  6. The Apollo Jumpers
  7. Artemis Archers
  8. The Minotaur’s Maze Runners
  9. The Valkyrie Victors
  10. Thor’s Hammer Dunk

Nature-Inspired Fantasy Basketball Team Names

If you’re inspired by the natural world, these team names blend the beauty of nature with the competitive spirit of basketball:

  1. The Alpine Alley-Oopers
  2. Canyon Crossers
  3. Tundra Turnovers
  4. Forest Fast Breaks
  5. The Volcanic Dunks
  6. Thunderstorm Threepointers
  7. The Glacier Guards
  8. The Wildflower Winners
  9. Mountain Mavericks
  10. The River Rebounders

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