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244 Trivia Team Names

Looking for a catching, unique and funny name for your trivia team? Then check out these!

The last thing you want to do is turn up to your next trivia quiz with a bad team name. It’ll set the tone for the rest of the evening. Fortunately, we’ve put together some of the best trivia team names we can come up with. But, which will you use?

Best Trivia Team Names

A good trivia team name is memorable, smart, and perhaps a bit intimidating. These names are designed to impress the competition and show off your team’s potential prowess.

  1. Quizmasters Elite
  2. The Fact Checkers
  3. Genius Brigade
  4. Trivial Titans
  5. The Answer Alchemists
  6. Brainiac Battalion
  7. The Quiz Quotient
  8. Elite Enigmas
  9. The Cerebral Force
  10. Wisdom Warriors
  11. Intellect Influx
  12. The Mindbenders
  13. Pinnacle Puzzlers
  14. Apex Answerers
  15. The Savvy Squad
  16. Knowledge Knights
  17. The Oracle Order
  18. Brainstorm Brigade
  19. The Insight Incubator
  20. The Enlightenment Entourage
  21. Cognition Collective
  22. The Genius Guild
  23. The Brainy Bunch
  24. Intellectual Imperium
  25. Quiz Crusaders

Funny Trivia Team Names

Injecting humor into your team name can make the trivia experience even more enjoyable. These funny team names are sure to get a chuckle or two from fellow competitors.

  1. The Know-It-Alls and the Occasionally Correct
  2. Google’s Orphans
  3. Wikipedia Wanderers
  4. Quiz in My Pants
  5. Les Quizerables
  6. Fact Hunt
  7. Agatha Quiztie
  8. The Brewsual Suspects
  9. Smarty Pints
  10. Trivia Newton John
  11. E=MC Hammer
  12. Quizteama Aguilera
  13. John Triviolta
  14. The Quizzard of Oz
  15. Sherlock Homies
  16. Quizzically Challenged
  17. Lord of the Rings or Bing
  18. Beer Pressure
  19. Quiz on Your Face
  20. Rebel Scum
  21. The Circle of Trust Me I’m Lying
  22. Let’s Get Quizzical
  23. The UnGoogleables
  24. Win or Booze
  25. Alternative Facts

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Unique Trivia Team Names

Stand out from the crowd with a trivia team name that’s as unique as your group’s personality. These names are designed to be one-of-a-kind and memorable.

  1. The Enigma Enclave
  2. Quantum Quizmasters
  3. Ponder Pirates
  4. The Brainchild Brigade
  5. Trivia Trailblazers
  6. The Anomaly Alliance
  7. The Quirk Squad
  8. Oddballs and Oracles
  9. The Puzzle Posse
  10. Cerebral Nomads
  11. The Insightful Innovators
  12. Factoid Fanatics
  13. Quizotic Questers
  14. The Mind Mosaic
  15. The Oddity Outfit
  16. The Witty Committee
  17. The Trivia Trove
  18. The Knowledge Knot
  19. Cognoscenti Collective
  20. The Uncommon Commons
  21. The Bizarre Battalion
  22. The Quiz Quirks
  23. Saga Sages
  24. The Riddle Rebels

Movie-Inspired Trivia Team Names

For the cinephiles who know their classics as well as the latest blockbusters, these names are a nod to iconic films and characters.

  1. The Shawshank Redemptions
  2. The Triviators
  3. Pulp Fact-ion
  4. The Good, The Bad, and The Quizzical
  5. Quizzly Bears
  6. The Breakfast Quiz
  7. Quizpicable Me
  8. Gone with the Quiz
  9. The Quizfather
  10. A League of Their Own Answers
  11. Schindler’s List of Questions
  12. 12 Angry Men…and Women
  13. The Silence of the Answers
  14. Quiztanic
  15. The Quizzard of Oz
  16. The Dark Knight Rises to the Challenge
  17. Forrest Grump
  18. Jurassic Parc
  19. Inglourious Basterds Know It All
  20. Honey, I Shrunk the Quiz

TV-Inspired Trivia Team Names

From sitcoms to dramas, these team names are for the TV enthusiasts who’ve binged every series.

  1. The Quizzards of Waverly Place
  2. Game of Phones
  3. How I Met Your Answer
  4. Breaking Bad at Trivia
  5. The Big Bang Queries
  6. Friends with Facts
  7. The Walking Dead Knowledgable
  8. Stranger Quizzes
  9. Trivia Is the New Black
  10. The Office Outsiders
  11. Parks and Recollection
  12. Better Call Solved
  13. Westworld of Wisdom
  14. The Crown of Knowledge
  15. Buffy the Vampire Answerer
  16. The Mandalorian Mindset
  17. Grey’s Anatomy of Trivia
  18. The Handmaid’s Tale of Trivia
  19. House of Cards and Quizzes
  20. Sherlock’s Holmes-ies
  21. The Quiznighters
  22. Doctor Who Knew?
  23. The Trivial Pursuits of Happyness
  24. Twin Peaks of Intelligence
  25. Schitt’s Creek Scholars

Music-Inspired Trivia Team Names

Hit all the right notes with these team names inspired by music legends, songs, and puns.

  1. The Quizzy Pop
  2. Quizzly Bears Playing Dead
  3. The B Sharps
  4. Trivia Under Pressure
  5. The Rolling Know-It-Alls
  6. Quiz Zeppelin
  7. Fleetwood Mac-n-Cheese
  8. The Who Knows
  9. ABBA-solutely Sure
  10. The Trivial Dead
  11. Queen of Questions
  12. Pink Freudian Slips
  13. The Beach Knows
  14. Led Zeppel-Answers
  15. Notorious Q.U.I.Z
  16. Marooned with Knowledge
  17. Radiohead’s Thinking Caps
  18. U2 Can Win
  19. The Rolling Scones
  20. The Beatles Boffins
  21. Nirvana Know-It-Alls
  22. Trivial Chili Peppers

Sport-Inspired Trivia Team Names

These names play off of famous athletes, sports terms, and the competitive spirit inherent in sports trivia.

  1. The Michael Jord-answers
  2. Trivial Messi
  3. The Brady Bunch of Winners
  4. LeQuiz James
  5. Babe Ruthless Quizmasters
  6. The Agassi Analysists
  7. Serena’s Servants
  8. The Bolt Sprinters
  9. The Tiger Woods of Trivia
  10. The Shaq Attackers
  11. Ali’s Answers
  12. The Beckham Brainiacs
  13. The Federer Facts
  14. The Kobe Know-Alls
  15. The Magic Johnsons of Trivia
  16. The Nadal Know-how
  17. The Phil Mickelson’s Guesses
  18. The Armstrong League
  19. The Gretzky Guessers
  20. The Pele of Puzzles
  21. The Jeter Jetsetters
  22. The Ruthian Responders
  23. The Phelps Phanatics
  24. The Tom Brady’s Trivia Team
  25. The Usain Bolts of Brainpower

Literary Trivia Team Names

For the team that finds solace in pages and wisdom in words, these literary-inspired names span classic to contemporary.

  1. The Prose Pros
  2. Quoth the Raven, Answer More
  3. The Great Gatsbies
  4. To Quiz or Not to Quiz
  5. Jane Eyreheads
  6. The Catcher in the Quiz
  7. Lord of the Trivias
  8. Moby Dick or False
  9. The Quiz of Wrath
  10. The Scarlet Letter A+ Team
  11. Brave New Answers
  12. 1984 Points
  13. The Canterbury Facts
  14. The Trivia of Dorian Gray
  15. The Count of Monte Quiz-to
  16. The Don Quixote’s of Trivia
  17. The Alice in Wonderlanders
  18. The Hemingway Heroes
  19. The Virginia Woolf Pack
  20. The Faulkner Fact Finders

Historical Trivia Team Names

Mixing humor with a touch of history, these names are for teams who appreciate the events and figures that shaped our world.

  1. The Einsteiniums
  2. The Knights of the Round Table Quiz
  3. The Tudor Know More
  4. Napoleon’s Complex Questions
  5. The Clever Cleopatras
  6. The Quiztopher Columbuses
  7. The Socratic Methodists
  8. The Alexander the Great Guessers
  9. The Julius Caesars Salad of Knowledge
  10. The Revolutionary Warheads
  11. The Genghis Can’t Be Wrong
  12. The Wright Brothers Take Off
  13. The Rosetta Stoners
  14. The Bubonic Plague Avoiders
  15. The Magna Carta Masters
  16. The Da Vinci Coders
  17. The Spartan Spellers
  18. The Marie Curie-ous Teams
  19. The Galileo’s Galileagues
  20. The Thomas Edison Lightbulb Moments
  21. The Joan of Arc Angels
  22. The Benjamin Franklins
  23. The Industrial Revolutionaries
  24. The Civil War Strategists
  25. The Mongol Horde of Knowledge

Globetrotting Trivia Team Names

Celebrate your love for geography, cultures and travel with these team names that journey around the globe, highlighting the adventurous spirit of trivia buffs who crave a taste of the world’s diversity.

  1. Atlas Adventurers
  2. Marco Polo Mavericks
  3. Globe-Trotting Geniuses
  4. Wanderlust Whizzes
  5. Continental Drifters
  6. Meridian Mindsets
  7. Latitude Legends
  8. Longitude Luminaries
  9. Culture Questers
  10. Worldly Wise Wanderers
  11. Global Guessers
  12. Geographic Geniuses
  13. Cartographic Connoisseurs
  14. Passport Stamps of Approval
  15. Seven Summits Scholars
  16. International Incidentals
  17. Nomadic Know-It-Alls
  18. Equator Explorers
  19. Time Zone Traversers
  20. Map Mavens
  21. Compass Crusaders
  22. Landmark Luminaries
  23. Country Counters
  24. City Sleuths
  25. Geographical Geniuses
  26. Territorial Trivia Titans
  27. World Fair Winners
  28. Monumental Minds
  29. Cultural Curators
  30. Expedition Experts
  31. Travel Trivia Trailblazers
  32. Jet-Set Jeopardists
  33. Pancontinental Puzzlers

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