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365 Walking Team Names

Heading out on a walk with your pals but need a cool name? Try these for size!

So you’ve put together your walking team but now you’re going to need a name! Fortunately, we’ve put together a huge list of over 360 walking team names for you to take your pick from:

Best Walking Team Names

These names are perfect for teams looking for a strong, motivational vibe that captures the essence of walking together towards a common goal.

  1. Sole Mates
  2. The Pace Makers
  3. Walkie Talkies
  4. Stride Pride
  5. The Marching Marvels
  6. Sole Sisters
  7. Happy Feet
  8. The Long Striders
  9. Pace Setters
  10. Step by Step
  11. The Walkie Wonders
  12. Stride Riders
  13. Path Pacers
  14. The Distance Divas
  15. Trekking Titans
  16. Soleful Strutters
  17. Miles to Go
  18. Stepping Stones
  19. The Wander Women
  20. Stride Tribe
  21. Pace Makers
  22. Stroll Souls
  23. Footprints Forward
  24. The Amblers
  25. Pedestrian Pals
  26. The Trailblazers
  27. The Strolling Stones
  28. Wanderlust Walkers
  29. The Mile High Club
  30. The Roaming Rangers

Funny Walking Team Names

These names are great for teams who love a good laugh and believe every step should be filled with joy and humor.

  1. Blister Sisters
  2. The Lazy Walkers
  3. Sneaker Freakers
  4. Lost in Pace
  5. The Meanderthals
  6. Cirque de Sore Legs
  7. Scrambled Legs
  8. The Holy Walkamolies
  9. Not Fast, Just Furious
  10. Sole Survivors
  11. Walkaholics
  12. The Pace Cadets
  13. Stroll Patrol
  14. The Rambling Masters
  15. Wander Women
  16. The Lollygaggers
  17. Sneaky Feet
  18. Blisters of Mercy
  19. The Walking Drunks
  20. Sole Maniacs
  21. Two Left Feet
  22. March of the Penguins
  23. The Promenade Platoon
  24. Heel Yeah!
  25. The Saunter Squad
  26. Walk the Walk
  27. The Stride Lightlys
  28. The Treadmill Trophies
  29. Road Rash
  30. The Wander-fuls

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Unique Walking Team Names

Unusual and memorable, these names stand out from the crowd and offer a distinctive identity for your walking team.

  1. The Pedometer Predators
  2. Velocity Vagabonds
  3. The Gait Gurus
  4. Wander Warriors
  5. The Prance Parade
  6. Sole Syncers
  7. The Trek Techs
  8. Mystic Movers
  9. The Stride Psychics
  10. Pace Enforcers
  11. The Quantum Quads
  12. Glucose Guardians
  13. The Infinity Steps
  14. Zenith Zealots
  15. Cadence Crusaders
  16. The Momentum Mavericks
  17. The Velocity Vandals
  18. The Ambulatory Avengers
  19. The Step Sages
  20. The Pedestrian Pack
  21. Kinetic Krew
  22. The Nomadic Notions
  23. Soleful Serenity
  24. The Walking Willows
  25. The Peripatetic Pack
  26. The Galivanting Gurus
  27. Pace Philosophers
  28. The Step Scholars
  29. The Velocity Virtuosos
  30. The Wander Wizards

Movie-Inspired Walking Team Names

For movie buffs who want to bring a bit of Hollywood to their walking adventures.

  1. The Fellowship of the Walk
  2. The Walkie Dead
  3. Forrest’s Gumps
  4. Rebel Walkers
  5. The Fast and the Curious
  6. Walkbusters
  7. Step Wars: The Walker Awakens
  8. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Kings
  9. Sole Wars: A New Hope
  10. Jurassic Park Rangers
  11. Pedometer Pan
  12. The Blair Walk Project
  13. Gone with the Winders
  14. The Walking Dread
  15. The Green Mile Marchers
  16. Walk the Line
  17. The Prancing Queens
  18. A Walk to Remember
  19. The Grand Budapest Walkers
  20. Blisters of the Caribbean
  21. Step Up Revolution
  22. The Stepfather
  23. Walk and Roll
  24. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Steppers
  25. The Shawshank Redemptions
  26. Walking Miss Daisy
  27. The Breakfast Clubbers
  28. The Great Walksby
  29. Step by Me
  30. The Twilight Strollers

Music Band-Inspired Walking Team Names

Perfect for music lovers who want their walking team name to echo their favorite bands or songs.

  1. The Rolling Stones
  2. Fleetwood Track
    This is also a great name for a racing team!
  3. The Walking Beatles
  4. Led Steppelin
  5. The Who Walks
  6. Red Hot Chili Steppers
  7. Aerosmiths On The Move
  8. The Pace Girls
  9. U2 Can Walk
  10. Marooned 5 Miles
  11. Walk This Way
  12. The Grateful Tread
  13. The Stepping Stones
  14. Coldplay’s Cold Walkers
  15. The Chain Smokers
  16. Walk The Moon
  17. The Soleful Dead
  18. The Dire Straits Walk
  19. The Velvet Underground Walkers
  20. The Fleet Foxes’ Trot
  21. Imagine Drag-ons Your Feet
  22. Kings of Leon’s March
  23. The Walking Heads
  24. Foo Fighters’ Footwork
  25. The Strolling Rones
  26. The Pedestrian Peppers
  27. The Walking Phoenix
  28. The Black Keys to Walking
  29. Mumford & Sons’ March
  30. Arcade Fire’s Trail Blazers

TV Show-Inspired Walking Team Names

For teams that draw inspiration from their favorite TV shows, merging the worlds of television and walking.

  1. The Walking Dead-icated
  2. Game of Soles
  3. The Big Bang Legs
  4. How I Met Your Mother (On A Walk)
  5. The Office Olympians
  6. Friends on Foot
  7. The West Wing Walkers
  8. Stranger Strolls
  9. The Crown’s Crusaders
  10. Parks and Recreation
  11. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Marchers
  12. Breaking Bad Steps
  13. The Mandalorian Marchers
  14. Dexter’s Striders
  15. The Sopranos Strollers
  16. Schitt’s Creek Crossers
  17. The Wire Walkers
  18. Twin Peaks Trekkers
  19. The X-Files Explorers
  20. Buffy the Vampire Walker
  21. The Walking Dads
  22. Gilmore Girls Go
  23. The Trekkiest Trekkers
  24. The Crown Movers
  25. The Handmaid’s Tale Hikers
  26. Star Trek: The Next Perambulation
  27. The Office Walk-Off
  28. Grey’s Anatomy Gait
  29. The Walking Dev
  30. Brooklyn Nine-Nine Navigators

Nature-Inspired Walking Team Names

For teams that draw inspiration from the beauty of the natural world and its scenic landscapes.

  1. The Mighty Trekkers
  2. Forest Striders
  3. Peak Performers
  4. Valley Wanderers
  5. The River Walkers
  6. Skyline Strollers
  7. The Eco-Walkers
  8. Trail Blazers
  9. The Nature Navigators
  10. Mountain Movers
  11. The Green Steppers
  12. Pathfinders
  13. The Terra Trekkers
  14. The Horizon Hikers
  15. The Meadow Marchers
  16. The Canyon Crossers
  17. The Park Pathfinders
  18. The Coastal Cruisers
  19. The Summit Seekers
  20. The Woodland Walkers
  21. The Prairie Pacers
  22. The Glacial Gaiters
  23. The Desert Drifters
  24. The Wildflower Walkers
  25. The Foliage Followers
  26. The Lake Loopers
  27. The Scenic Steppers
  28. The Oasis Ambulators
  29. The Rainforest Ramblers
  30. The Boulder Bounders

Superhero-Inspired Walking Team Names

For teams looking to bring a heroic flair to their walking adventures, inspired by their favorite superheroes.

  1. The Avengers Assemble
  2. The Justice League Joggers
  3. The Super Steppers
  4. The Caped Crusaders
  5. The Marvelous Marchers
  6. The Dynamic Striders
  7. The Power Walkers
  8. The Fantastic Feet
    This could work well for a racing team name too!
  9. The Speed Force Sprinters
  10. The Heroic Hikers
  11. The Infinity Walkers
  12. The Shield Strollers
  13. The Gotham Gadabouts
  14. The Mutant Marchers
  15. The Walking X-Men
  16. The Asgardian Ambulators
  17. The S.H.I.E.L.D. Striders
  18. The Dark Knight Dashes
  19. The Spider-Web Wanderers
  20. The Wonder Walkers
  21. The Green Lantern Lightfoots
  22. The Flash Fast-Feet
  23. The Aquatic Amblers
  24. The Cyborg Sprinters
  25. The Phoenix Pacers
  26. The Super Soldier Strolls
  27. The Iron Man March
  28. The Thor Thunder Walks
  29. The Captain Marvel Miles
  30. The Black Widow Wanderers

Foodie-Inspired Walking Team Names

Perfect for teams that love to walk almost as much as they love to dine.

  1. The Gourmet Gliders
  2. The Culinary Cruisers
  3. The Snack Sprinters
  4. The Gastronomic Gaiters
  5. The Epicurean Explorers
  6. The Menu Movers
  7. The Flavorful Footsteps
  8. The Dish Dashers
  9. The Palatable Pacers
  10. The Savory Strollers
  11. The Dining Divas
  12. The Recipe Rovers
  13. The Cuisine Crew
  14. The Taste Trek
  15. The Gastro Gliders
  16. The Mealtime Marchers
  17. The Foodie Footprints
  18. The Ingredient Investigators
  19. The Spice Steppers
  20. The Cooking Cadence
  21. The Bistro Browsers
  22. The Appetizer Ambulators
  23. The Dessert Drifters
  24. The Gourmet Gadabouts
  25. The Sushi Steppers
  26. The Pizza Pacers
  27. The Burger Brigade
  28. The Vegan Voyagers
  29. The Coffee Caravan
  30. The Breakfast Band

Fantasy-Inspired Walking Team Names

For teams who love the magic and mystery of fantasy worlds.

  1. The Elven Walkers
  2. The Dragon Drifters
  3. The Wizard Wanderers
  4. The Hobbit Hikers
  5. The Fairy Footsteps
  6. The Orc Marchers
  7. The Dwarf Drovers
  8. The Goblin Gaiters
  9. The Mermaid March
  10. The Unicorn Trotters
  11. The Spellbound Striders
  12. The Mystical Movers
  13. The Enchanted Explorers
  14. The Magic Marchers
  15. The Phoenix Flyers
  16. The Griffon Gliders
  17. The Sorcerer’s Steps
  18. The Vampire Voyagers
  19. The Werewolf Walkers
  20. The Troll Trekkers
  21. The Nymph Navigators
  22. The Elemental Eagles
  23. The Mythical March
  24. The Leprechaun Loopers
  25. The Fairy Tale Travelers
  26. The Magical Meanderers
  27. The Fantasy Footsloggers
  28. The Crystal Crusaders
  29. The Potion Pacers
  30. The Legend Leggers

Technology-Inspired Walking Team Names

For teams fascinated by technology and the digital world.

  1. The Cyber Steppers
  2. The Silicon Striders
  3. The Digital Drifters
  4. The Gadget Gaiters
  5. The Pixel Pacers
  6. The Tech Trekkers
  7. The Code Walkers
  8. The Virtual Voyagers
  9. The Network Nomads
  10. The Software Strollers
  11. The Hardware Hikers
  12. The App Amblers
  13. The Data Dashers
  14. The Cloud Cruisers
  15. The Binary Browsers
  16. The Tech Trailblazers
  17. The Byte Bounders
  18. The Giga Gliders
  19. The Circuit Circulators
  20. The Server Strollers
  21. The Internet Islanders
  22. The Web Walkers
  23. The Digital Nomads
  24. The Tech Trackers
  25. The Quantum Quads
  26. The Silicon Sojourners
  27. The Algorithmic Adventurers

Historical Figures-Inspired Walking Team Names

For teams who draw inspiration from notable figures in history.

  1. The Lincoln Loggers
  2. The Franklin Footsteps
  3. The Einstein Explorers
  4. The Cleopatra Caravans
  5. The Da Vinci Pacers
  6. The Shakespeare Strollers
  7. The Gandhi Marchers
  8. The Joan of Arc Journeys
  9. The Tesla Trekkers
  10. The Roosevelt Rovers
  11. The Amelia Earhart Aviators
  12. The Marco Polo Movers
  13. The Napoleon Nomads
  14. The Alexander the Great Gaiters
  15. The Harriet Tubman Trackers
  16. The Caesar Circuits
  17. The Beethoven Beat
  18. The Michelangelo Movers
  19. The Plato Pacers
  20. The Socrates Strollers
  21. The Marie Curie March
  22. The Florence Nightingale Footsteps
  23. The Wright Walkers
  24. The Tutankhamun Trotters
  25. The Elizabeth I Explorers
  26. The Magellan Marchers
  27. The Leonardo Strides
  28. The Copernicus Cruisers

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