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162 Weight Loss Team Names

Looking for a catching, unique and funny name for your weight loss team? Use these!

Crafting weight loss team names can be a fun and motivational part of your fitness journey. Coming together with people who have similar goals can make the journey a whole lot easier. But, do you have any ideas for your team name? Because we certainly do!

Best Weight Loss Team Names

Names that resonate with motivation and success to inspire your team towards their fitness goals:

  1. Lean Queens
  2. Fit and Fabulous
  3. Trim Titans
  4. Weight Warriors
  5. Slim Squad
  6. Shredding Pounds
  7. Burn Brigade
  8. Loss Leaders
  9. Scale Tippers
  10. Shape Shifters
  11. Calorie Crushers
  12. Fitness Frontiers
  13. Trim Triumphs
  14. Lean Machines
  15. Waist Away
  16. Lighter Loads
  17. Binge Beaters
  18. Fit Biters
  19. Waist Watchers
  20. Toned Templars
  21. Agile Avengers
  22. Fitter Together
  23. Diet Dynamos
  24. Pounds Droppers
  25. Slimsons Theory
  26. Melted Away
  27. Trim Tacticians

Funny Weight Loss Team Names

Inject some humor into your weight loss journey with these witty and amusing team names:

  1. Flab-u-less
  2. Belly Bailout
  3. The Slimsons
  4. Lollapaloser
  5. Chubby No More’s
  6. Waist Baskets
  7. Muffin Top Stoppers
  8. Skinny Dippers
  9. Dietox Divas
  10. Jelly Bellies
  11. Pound Punishers
  12. Thinning the Herd
  13. Lost Cause
  14. Hangry Birds
  15. Chunky Monkeys
  16. Scale Scalers
  17. Carbo Cutters
  18. Flab Fighters
  19. Bye-Bye Bellies
  20. Slim Pickings
  21. Less to Love
  22. Thighsman Trophy
  23. Gut Busters
  24. Phat Burners
  25. Cellulite Assassins
  26. Skinny Jeans Team
  27. Fat Fury

Can’t See a Suitable Name?

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Unique Weight Loss Team Names

Stand out with a distinctive and memorable name that reflects your team’s unique approach to losing weight:

  1. Pound Peacemakers
  2. Waist Erasers
  3. Fitness Phenoms
  4. Torch Team
  5. Gravity Fighters
  6. Velocity Vanishers
  7. Flab Shrinkers
  8. Metabo Masters
  9. Weigh to Go
  10. Pound Plunders
  11. Calorie Burners
  12. Lipo Legends
  13. Trim Logic
  14. Fitness Mystics
  15. Scale Tamers
  16. Shred Heads
  17. Loss Legion
  18. Mission Slimpossible
  19. Waist Annihilators
  20. Trim Transformers
  21. Bod Squad
  22. Slim Synergy
  23. Weight Eclipsers
  24. Zenith Zappers
  25. Slimming Serenity
  26. Lean Legionnaires
  27. Optimal Losers

Pop-Culture Inspired Weight Loss Team Names

Leverage the power of pop culture to create an engaging and contemporary team name:

  1. The Biggest Losers
  2. Game of Pounds
  3. Slimming Avengers
  4. Weight Wars
  5. Dropping Divas
  6. Pounds of Anarchy
  7. The Thinning
  8. Lost: The Pounds
  9. Shredder Squad (inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  10. Fight Club Fit
  11. Breaking Bad Binges
  12. The Slimmaid’s Tale
  13. Fit is the New Black
  14. Scale of Thrones
  15. The Weighting Game
  16. Pounder Things
  17. Slim City
  18. Agents of S.H.R.E.D.
  19. Dexter’s Diners
  20. The Slimsons
  21. Breaking Bulk
  22. Guardians of the Girth
  23. The Reductionists
  24. The Dieticians
  25. Calorie Commandos
  26. Fitness Junkies
  27. Lean In

Music-Inspired Weight Loss Team Names

Draw inspiration from music bands to energize your weight loss team with a rhythmic name:

  1. Rolling Reducers
  2. The Diet Beetles
  3. Slim Zeppelin
  4. Fleetwood Mac & Cheese
  5. The Slimming Stones
  6. Aeroslimth
  7. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  8. Foo Lighters
  9. The Iron Maidens
  10. Pearl Weight
  11. Grateful Shred
  12. The Waistband
  13. Nine Inch Nails (the pounds away)
  14. The Flab Four
  15. Guns N’ Roses (Guns N’ Rosé for celebratory wine)
  16. AB/CD (After Before/Calorie Diet)
  17. The B-52s (pound drop goal)
  18. No Doubt (In Our Progress)
  19. Mötley Crüe (Motley Chew for mindful eating)
  20. The Police (Food Police)
  21. Imagine Less (of you)
  22. Led Reduction
  23. Coldflay (Coldplay + flay the flab)
  24. KiloG
  25. OutKast (the pounds)
  26. The Fattest Loser
  27. Lynyrd Skinnier

Rude Weight Loss Team Names

If your team appreciates edgier humor, these tongue-in-cheek rude names might be the perfect fit:

  1. Starve Wars
  2. Slim Bitches
  3. Fatty No-Mores
  4. Chunky Dunkers
  5. Lard Losers
  6. Belly Up
  7. Fat Chance
  8. Waist Whittlers
  9. Heavyweights No More
  10. Carb Bashers
  11. Thunder Thighs Be Gone
  12. Flab Be Gone
  13. Pudge Punishers
  14. Skinny Minnies
  15. No More Jiggles
  16. Fat Assassins
  17. Less to Pinch
  18. Drop It Like It’s Hot
  19. Tubby Takedown
  20. Muffin-Topless
  21. Cell-U-Lite Goodbye
  22. Blubber Busters
  23. Fat Fighters
  24. Wobble Less
  25. Scale Slaughterers
  26. Jiggle Gigolos
  27. Pound Pulverizers

Can’t See a Suitable Name?

Try out our completely free team name generator, powered by AI, to get a tailored name for you and your team:

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