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290 FIFA Team Names

About to play a game of FIFA with your mates? Then you're going to need a decent team name!

About to start a quick game of FIFA but realised you haven’t give your team a name? Well this collection of nearly 300 FIFA team names should give you plenty of inspiration!

We’ve broken this list of 290 FIFA team names down into popular categories. If you know the style of name you’re after, use these links to jump to the relevant category on this page:

Best FIFA Team Names

Want the very best name for your FIFA team? Then these will be right for you. We’ve filtered our list of 290 down to these 25:

  • GoalBusters FC
  • Net Ninjas United
  • Ballistic Titans FC
  • Victory Vipers
  • Turbo Chargers FC
  • Dynamo Dragons
  • Thunder Strikers United
  • Swift Sabers FC
  • Phoenix Fury
  • Blaze Brigade FC
  • Raptor Rangers
  • Apex Assassins FC
  • Elite Eagles United
  • Stealth Stalkers FC
  • Titan Thunder FC
  • Infinity Impacts United
  • Dynamo Dribblers
  • Power Pulse FC
  • Rampage Raiders United
  • Victory Vanguard FC
  • Thunderous Tigers
  • Supernova Strikers United
  • Blaze Blitz FC
  • Phoenix Flames United
  • Apex Avengers FC

Funny FIFA Team Names

Looking to make other people laugh with your team name? Want a name that’s hilarious, witty and loaded with banter? Then maybe try these FIFA team names:

  • Goal Diggers FC
  • Net Nappers United
  • Ball Busters FC
  • Kickin’ Chickens United
  • Booty Shakers FC
  • No Red Cards FC
  • The Goalie’s Nightmare United
  • Nutmeg Ninjas FC
  • The Flop Squad United
  • Dribble Dorks FC
  • The Dive Masters United
  • Offside Outlaws FC
  • The Misfits United
  • The Penalty Pals FC
  • Blunder FC
  • The Fumble Kings United
  • The Tiki-Taco Troupe FC
  • The Yellow Card Yahoos United
  • The Bootleggers FC
  • The Handball Heroes United
  • The Sideliners FC
  • The Own Goalers United
  • The Referee’s Nightmare FC
  • The Couch Potatoes United
  • The Cleat Crushers FC
  • The Nutty Headers United
  • The Corner Kick Connoisseurs FC
  • The Shin Guard Shufflers United
  • The Substitutes FC
  • The Off-the-Post Pals United
  • The Half-Time Hooligans FC
  • The Injured Reserves United
  • The Fair Play Fakers FC
  • The Penalty Kick Pranksters United
  • The Wannabe Winners FC
  • The No-Sweat Squad United
  • The Off-the-Bar Bandits FC
  • The Grass Stains United
  • The Clever Cleats FC
  • The Ball Boys United
  • The Red Card Rejects FC
  • The Yellow Card Yellers United

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Unique FIFA Team Names

These names are a bit more out-of-the-box but that doesn’t make them any less useful. These are some of the more unique options:

  • Nebula Nomads FC
  • Quantum Quasars United
  • Celestial Cyclones FC
  • Mirage Mavericks United
  • Zenith Zephyrs FC
  • Eclipse Enigmas United
  • Serenity Storm FC
  • Aurora Arsenals United
  • Galactic Guardians FC
  • Odyssey Outcasts United
  • Spectrum Sirens FC
  • Solar Flare FC
  • Infinity Isles United
  • Nova Nomads FC
  • Horizon Hunters United
  • Radiant Rebels FC
  • Mirage Monarchs United
  • Apex Allegiance FC

Clever FIFA Team Names

Want to let other players know you’re full of knowledge, intelligence and tactics? Then this list of team names will work for you:

  • Tactical Titans FC
  • Strategy Strikers United
  • Mindgame Mavericks FC
  • Cunning Calculators United
  • Wits’ End FC
  • Brainy Ballers United
  • Calculated Chaos FC
  • IntellecKicks United
  • Strategy Syndicate FC
  • Masterful Maneuvers United
  • Savvy Shooters FC
  • The Schemers United
  • Tactical Tornadoes FC
  • Brainwave Brigade United
  • Calculated Kickers FC
  • The Tacticians United
  • Strategic Surge FC
  • The Masterminds United
  • Intellectual Instigators FC

One-Word FIFA Team Names

To the point, simple and effective – that’s how we’d describe these one-word FIFA team names. Yes, you really can opt for one word!

  • Blaze
  • Dynamo
  • Apex
  • Thunder
  • Victory
  • Phoenix
  • Turbo
  • Rampage
  • Infinity
  • Stealth
  • Swift
  • Raptor
  • Elite
  • Supernova
  • Titan

Witty FIFA Team Names

Want to turn common football terms or teams into something a little more witty? Then why not try one of these witty options:

  • Fowl Play FC
  • Pele’s Pals United
  • Kicking It Real FC
  • Messi Situations United
  • Offside Oddities FC
  • Punt Kings United
  • Chip Shots FC
  • The Dribbling Dodos United
  • Tackle Titans FC
  • Flicker Frenzy United
  • The Goalpost Guardians FC
  • Ballotelli’s Ballers United
  • The PelĂ© Pelicans FC
  • Header Hooligans United
  • Bootiful Game FC
  • Neymar Navigators United
  • The Volley Vagabonds FC
  • The Cruyff Turns United
  • Ronaldo’s Rascals FC
  • The Full Kit Wonders United
  • Iniesta’s Illusions FC
  • The Corner Curlers United
  • Shootout Shenanigans FC
  • Red Cardinals United
  • The Throw-In Thrashers FC
  • The Messi Messiahs United
  • The Crossbar Crusaders FC
  • The Midfield Maestros United
  • Foul Play FC
  • Nutmeg Knights United
  • The Handball Hustlers FC
  • The Free Kick Fanatics United
  • The Referee Ranters FC
  • The Substitution Savants United
  • The Goal-line Gurus FC
  • The Penalty Platoon United
  • The Tiki-Taco Tacticians FC
  • The Offside Ogres United
  • The Slick Slide Tacklers FC

Pop-Culture FIFA Team Names

Link your FIFA team with a popular film or TV show using one of these pop-culture options. Can you tell which films and shows we’ve used?

  • Game of Throw-ins FC
  • The Lord of the Rings FC
  • Star Wars Strikers United
  • Breaking Badgers FC
  • The Walking Reds United
  • The Simpsons FC
  • The Office XI
  • Harry Potter Hotspurs United
  • Stranger Goals FC
  • Friends FC
  • The Big Bang Booters United
  • Jurassic Kick FC
  • The Avengers Assemble FC
  • The Matrix Masters United
  • The Sopranos XI
  • Buffy the Goal Slayer FC
  • The Mandalorian Marauders United
  • Black Panther Panthers FC
  • The Crown Royals United
  • The Handmaid’s Tale FC
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine Ballers United
  • The Witcher Wanderers FC
  • The Marvel Mavericks United
  • The Witching XI
  • The Twilight Tacklers FC
  • The Queen’s Gambit XI
  • The Walking Headers FC
  • Guardians of the Goal FC
  • Westworld Wonders United
  • The Game of Goals FC
  • The Mandalorian Mandarins United
  • The Office Offenders FC
  • The Stranger Things Strikers United
  • The Cobra Kai Kickers FC
  • The Umbrella Academy United
  • The Breaking Bad Ballers FC
  • The Ghostbusters Goalies United
  • The Game of Thrones FC
  • The Harry Potter Headers United
  • The Jurassic Park Rangers FC
  • The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Booters United
  • The Matrix Mavericks FC
  • The Buffy the Vampire Booters United
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy FC
  • The Westworld Wanderers United
  • The Suits Strikers FC
  • The Friends Frenzy FC
  • The Umbrella Corporation United
  • The Ghostbusters Goals United
  • The Stranger Things Strikers FC
  • The Cobra Kai Kickers United
  • The Handmaid’s Tale XI
  • The Crowned Kickers United
  • The Witcher Wanderers FC
  • The Breaking Bad Ballers United
  • The Game of Thrones Goals FC
  • The Mandalorian Mavericks United
  • The Office Offside United
  • The Avengers Assembled XI
  • The Twilight Tacklers United
  • The Matrix Masters FC
  • The Harry Potter Headers FC

Animal FIFA Team Names

Lover of animals AND FIFA? Then why not put an animal in your team name? That’s what these team names are all about:

  • Roaring Lions
  • Swift Eagles
  • Ferocious Tigers
  • Cunning Foxes
  • Mighty Bears
  • Agile Cheetahs
  • Savage Sharks
  • Wise Owls
  • Thundering Rhinos
  • Stealthy Panthers
  • Fierce Falcons
  • Tenacious Wolves
  • Graceful Gazelles
  • Prowling Jaguars
  • Soaring Hawks
  • Sly Coyotes
  • Loyal Elephants
  • Daring Dingoes
  • Swift Seals
  • Brave Buffaloes
  • Noble Stallions
  • Mighty Moose

Foodie FIFA Team Names

Are you known for scoffing your face with food? Do you love eating? Then why not put that love of food into your FIFA team name?

  • Goalie Gourmets
  • Savory Strikers
  • Dribble & Drizzle
  • Tiki-Taco Titans
  • The Nutmeg Noodles
  • Curry Kickers
  • Chip Shot Chefs
  • Penalty Pizza
  • Burger Ballers
  • Sushi Shooters
  • Cheesy Chompers
  • Goalpost Grills
  • Taco Tacklers
  • Pasta Punters
  • Sliders Squad
  • Sizzling Strikers
  • Waffle Warriors
  • Cupcake Crushers
  • Nacho Ninjas
  • Lobster Lancers
  • Smoothie Strikers
  • Chili Chip Champs
  • Salad Scorers
  • Dumpling Dynamo
  • Sausage Slingers
  • Wing Wizards
  • Pancake Punishers
  • Poutine Prowess

Football-Related FIFA Team Names

Want to really cement your knowledge of football into your team name? Then try one of these team names that takes a common football term and turns it into a top FIFA team name:

  • The Offside Outsiders
  • The Corner Kings
  • The Penalty Punchers
  • The Goalpost Guardians
  • The Foul Fighters
  • The Red Card Rebels
  • The Golden Booters
  • The Crossbar Crusaders
  • The Tiki-Taka Titans
  • The Header Heroes
  • The Dribble Dynamos
  • The Nutmeg Knights
  • The Free Kick Flyers
  • The Set Piece Specialists
  • The Slide Tackle Savants
  • The Last-Minute Winners
  • The Yellow Card Yellers
  • The Clean Sheet Crusaders
  • The Extra Time Experts
  • The Stoppage Time Strikers

Can’t See a Suitable Name?

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